​​ONLINE REGISTRATION ends 1/28/19, 9pm. $15/person.  

Walk in registration is 1/29/19 - 2/21/19,  $20/person

See the calendar HERE for available times to drop off.

Simple steps to consigning:

 1. Register and pay​ online the $15/non-refundable admin fee by 1/28/19.  

Online registration ends 1/28/19, 9pm.  

This means all items must be entered into our system and tags printed before 1/28/19, 9pm.  NO exceptions!

2. Enter your inventory & print tags by 01/28/19, 9pm.  NO exceptions!

​3.  Pick up some volunteer shifts and earn more!

4. Monitor your sales nightly via this website 

5. Pick up/donate what doesn't sell & receive a check in the mail minus the consignor % fee

Thank you for consigning with us!

Consignors earn 60% 
Consignors earn 65% working 1 shift
Consignors earn 70% working 3 shifts
Consignors earn 75% working 5 shifts

  • Consignors will receive 60% of their sales.  
  • Consignors have the opportunity to work volunteer shifts (3 hours each) to increase their consignment sales percentage.  
  • All merchandise will be 50% off on the last day of the sale unless marked otherwise by you.  
  • At the close of the sale, you will have a window of time to come pick up any unsold items.  
  • All items not picked up will be donated to charity.  No Exceptions!   
  • Your earnings will be mailed to you within two (2) weeks after the sale ends.
  • A shift is a (3) three hour block of time.  
  • It is very important that you work your scheduled shifts and are on time; otherwise a $20 fee per shift will be deducted from your earnings.
  • Any missed shifts will result in a consignors earnings reduced to 50%.

All items must be entered, labels printed, & items tagged by consignor before you drop off your items!

​Registration fees are non-refundable.