Pricing Guidelines:

If you bought a dress from:

  • Deb  Retail $99-$199  Consign for $30-$75
  • Belk/Dillard's Retail $99-299  Consign for $39-$115
  • Boutique's Retail $300-800  Consign for $125-up
  • Boutique gowns dépend on brand!  Better brands sell for us!  Jovani, Sherri Hill, Night Moves, etc.  
  • Bridesmaid Dresses are even lower.  They are just too specific.  $20-$50 tops!
  • Wedding Gowns depends on brand, size, condition.  Contact us for help with pricing!

This wedding dress is completed outdated and not current/modern.  

Please don't bring unless you want to donate it to charity or sell it for $20 or less for someone to buy as fabric.  

These just don't sell or even move off the rack once

they are dropped off.  Thank you in advance for your understanding

Dress on Left:  Cute, in style and great color.  

Can be worn again.  $25-$50

Dress on Right:  Nice dress, but the color is 

very specific as well as style.  $10-$30

Ok, these two gowns came to our sale twice.  The first time they were over-priced and didn't sell.  The buyer understood she over-priced them and marked them down considerably and brought them back to the next sale and they sold.  The silver one on the left
sold for $60.00 and was worn on the RED CARPET by Jill at Merle FM in Vegas!  How cool is that!!!

​​All of these were priced to sell and did.  

None of these were over $150-$125 and went quick!