We're here to help you rid your closet of unwanted gowns!  

In preparation for the big event, please read through the suggestions below.


  • Please read all of the tips & guidelines below.  We do not refund your registration fee.  
  • All items go through an inspection at drop off and if they do not meet the criteria listed below, they will be rejected.    
  • All items must be 5 yrs or less.  If it's a classic that's in style today-please email me.
  • All items must be entered into our inventory database by you no later than 1/29/2018,  9pm EST.  No exceptions!
  • All items should be on a sturdy plastic hanger like the ones from department stores with strap indentations and swivel hook.  
  • Please don't bring expensive formal gowns in on a wire hanger.  They don't sell well looking like a mess!  Hang it to sell!  
  • (If sold, hangers and garment bags will not be returned.)  Please remove all plastic bags and molds from dresses at drop off.
  • All items should be free of smoke, other odors, stains, rips, tears, missing buttons, snags, etc.  
  • Please freshly launder and iron your items.  If unable to wash items like wedding dresses please febreze your items.
  • You want your items to be eye catching.  If you look at it and think it needs ironing or washing, please do so.
  • ​Give items a tug and make sure they'll stay on the hangers.
  • ​All items on hangers should hang like a question mark.
  • When printing your own tags, make tags SECURE.  Safety pins are good!  
  •  You can use our tagging guns if you choose.
  • We also recommend printing your tags on a heavy card stock or resume paper.  If not, place packing tape over them to avoid falling off.
  • When tagging items, ALL tags need to be under the left armpit.  You can safety pin them on or come in early and use our tagging guns.
  • General rule of thumb is pricing your items 40-60% LESS of what you paid for them.  Please consider what you would actually pay for it used.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any item(s) at drop off that do not meet our criteria.
  • If you send someone else to pick up your items after the sale is over, please inform them of your consignor number and a sell through report.  They need to know what they should be picking up!  This includes garment bags with dresses. 
  • Be descriptive when making your tags.  It helps to put brand, size, and any alterations.​​


Tips to consigning with us:

  • Do not sell what you would not buy.
  • Our goal is to put money in your pocket.
  • Price your items as if you are the buyer, not the seller.  Ask yourself, "How much would I pay for this USED item?"
  • If you have consigned the same items with us before, please drop your prices!  Don't keep them the same.  Lower them since they didn't sell the first time around.  
  • Try to keep emotions out of pricing!  I cannot guarantee your items will sell.  Please price them to sell!  The goal is to not bring them home.
  • Clothing is best priced between 40% to 60% of the retail price.  Keep in mind the brand and label of your clothing, and price it accordingly.
  • When selecting the price for your item, think of the very least you would consider taking for it and that should be your price.  If you cannot take half that amount, then do not select the half price option for that item.  
  • Do not let the half price issue affect your regular price because it simply makes the regular selling price too high.
  • ​Price low those items you prefer not to take home with you.
  • Consider this a great opportunity to clean out those closets!  Do not let your time and energy go to waste by not selling everything you put in the sale.  Price it to sell!
  • Once your items are entered into the system, they cannot be changed after the system is closed.  Please double check and triple check your prices and decide up front if you are donating.  Once the system is closed, we cannot change your tickets to discount or alter the pricing.  


​Knoxville's Premier Formal Gown Consignment Event!