We look forward to helping you clean out your closet.  Most of us only wear these gowns once...and then what?  They sit in our closets for days, months, and years!  This idea started from my divorce.  I wanted to sell my wedding dress and pondered, "Where in the world can I sell this?!"  I love going to yard sales with my mother during the weekends and at almost every sale, we see a wedding dress.  But no one buys wedding dresses at yard sales!!  Right?!  My wedding dress (pictured above with my Father) has been sold at my consignment sale 3 times now! 

And for the teenagers, they have multiple proms and would be mortified to wear the same dress more than once.  Most "normal" families are on budget constraints and with the way our economy is going, who can afford to pay retail for multiple prom dresses?  My best friend, Lisa, pitched the idea to me and here we are!  We are a local family operation.  Born and raised right here in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Proudly serving Knoxville since 2012.